Management Services

Management Services

Design Service

• Project management :

We are specialized in projects management, feasibility studies, project finance, and economic evaluation. Our partners in management services were involved in projects including maritime port, oil and gas, airport, petrochemical, electric power plant, office and commercial buildings, residential buildings, defense, civil engineering, and environmental projects.
Projects management overriding objective is to provide project management and management consultancy for technical businesses. We work with our clients’ directors and managers to develop the project, keep them informed of progress against program, cost against budget, and additional expenditure against contingency. Our systems include:
• Analysis of objectives
• Cost planning (cost and value management)
• Programming by primavera
• Change control
• Progress measurement.
• Risk management
• Interim payment and milestone payments
• Mitigation planning and commissioning
• Value management

• Quality Management :

We, in cooperation with our partner, provide a comprehensive assistance in carrying out the quantities of different items shown on drawings or mentioned in project specifications. These quantities will have a detailed breakdown in order to trace each item in the final report generated by the used software. Our services include:

• Calculating all the required items categorized and separated
• Making the final presentation of these quantities
• Working out all the charts and relations in order to make a good estimation for the resources.
• Preparation of bill of quantities for large scale projects