Design Services

Design Services

Design Service

• Design :

DesignTech design areas of expertise include:

A- Electrical
• Complete base and detailed substations design.
• Complete power plants design.
• MV & HV panels design.
• Transmission & Distribution systems design.
B- HAVAC & Mechanical Scope of works

• HAVAC and chilled water for industrial commercial & residential systems.
• Firefighting systems.
• Steam generating and hot water system.
• Pumping Stations for water, sewage and Oil.
C- Civil & Structural

• Concrete and steel structure design.
• Foundation Design for building & equipment’s under static & dynamic effects.
• Shop drawings & bar bending schedule for civil work.
D- Architectural

• Architectural base and detailed design.
• Architectural landscaping.
• Architectural interior design.
• Working drawing.
E- Control and Protection Panel Design:

DesignTech provides customers with complete detailed design for HV & MV protection, control, annunciation AC, DC and AVC panels. Our design criterion is based on customers’ specification and /or international standards. Our design calculations and drawings are made with a flexible schedule to meet your needs.
DesignTech utilizes professional software packages that support the following design tasks:
• 2D electrical and instrumentation diagrams- schematics, single line, wiring diagrams, etc.
• Design of electrical panels and plant raceway systems in 3D.
• Cable routing, providing alternative routes and providing cross section reports.
• The scope of panel design includes but is not limited to the following tasks:
o Front panel design.
o Connection design.
o Schematic design.
o Interface design.
o Writing diagram design.

• Substation Design :

DesignTech provides Substation design as a major and unique design service. Our scope of work often extends from layout, base and detailed designs to grounding, control, protection and schematics. It covers HV and MV panel designs as well. All are done through all phases of specifications, selection and design. Scope of work of substation design may be summarized in the following tasks:

A. Electrical design calculation & drawings:

– CT/ VT sizing calculations.
– Lighting system design calculations.
– Grounding system design calculations.
– Relays setting calculations.
– Low, MV HV voltage cables and breakers sizing calculations.
– Battery charger sizing calculations.
– Lightning system design calculations.
– Operational SLD
– Protection & metering sld.
– Protection logic diagram.
– SCADA points lists.
– Interlocking logic diagram.
– Duct banks, cable trenches layout, sections and details.
– Lightning (shielding) protection layout and details.
– Indoor/outdoor lighting layout details.
– Small power distribution layout details.
– Floor opening – switchgear control building.

B.Civil design calculations drawings including:

– Design calculation of switchgear control building
– Calculation of power transformer fire wall foundation.
– Design calculations of auxiliary transformer fire wall foundation.
– Design calculation of oil tank.
– Design calculation of water tank ,septic tank soak pit
– Design of gantry structure.
– Design calculation for HV switchgear foundation and steel support.
– Column and footing location plan and sections for control building.
– Ground floor roof framing plan, opening layout, slab rebar details and sections.
– Staircase layout sections and rebar’s details.
– Basement retaining wall opening and rebar details
– Hand hole, man hole trenches and duct banks details.

C. Architectural drawings including:

– Floor plans
– Buildings elevation
– Buildings and walls sections
– Stair cases plans, sections details
– Site design development plan
– Layout and details of raised floor and false ceiling
– Doors, windows, finishing schedules
– Boundary wall plan, elevation and details.
– Architecture details.